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Back Taxes - Filing Delinquent Tax Returns

Help with Back Taxes

Are you feeling overwhelmed at the idea of filing your delinquent tax returns? Do you fear you may owe the IRS more money than you can afford to pay all at once? Stop worrying and take action by contacting Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting. Falling behind on filing your taxes can happen to anyone and we can help anyone get up to date. We understand you may be concerned that locating and organizing past tax records will be difficult but qualified tax professionals like us will walk you through the process and make it easier than you think.

If you do owe the IRS back taxes there are several tax relief options available, but you must file your back taxes first, and then apply for an installment agreement, penalty abatement or other form of tax relief. First we'll assist you in collecting any W-2's, 1099's, mortgage interest statements and other documentation needed to complete your back tax returns. Then we’ll prepare and file your taxes, being careful to take advantage of any deductions available. If needed, we'll mediate the situation with the IRS to minimize your tax debt, set up a payment plan and reduce or eliminate any penalties incurred from your late filing.

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At Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting we are experienced tax professionals that care about each one of our clients and take pride in helping them get a clean slate with the IRS. Call us at 562-864-2341 now or request a free initial consultation through our website. We provide income tax preparation and tax resolution services to individuals and businesses in the local Los Angeles area.