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Ignoring problems with the IRS will only will make them worse. Take a positive step towards putting an end to your tax problems now. If you owe back taxes, have received an IRS notice or are already experiencing a lien, levy, wage garnishment or other tax problem, contact Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting today. We're a trusted Los Angeles, CA accounting firm that knows how to deal with the IRS. We'll work quickly to find a tax relief solution that will settle your debt.


The average American taxpayer cannot successfully defend themselves against the IRS. Trying to keep up with the ever-changing tax laws and dealing with the IRS on your own will quickly becomes frustrating. Turn to Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting for the tax help you need. With our experience and support we can stop the harassing phone calls and negotiate with the IRS to find practical solutions for your tax problems. Call us now at 562-864-2341 or request a free initial consultation.


Tax Resolution Services

+Filing Back Taxes
+IRS Tax Audit Assistance
+Tax Liens and Levies

If the IRS repeatedly notifies you of an outstanding tax debt but doesn’t receive payment they may eventually institute a lien or levy to collect the taxes owed. Although the IRS is determined to get their money, they are often willing to work out a more reasonable solution with qualified Los Angeles tax professionals like us.

+Solve Payroll Tax Problems

All businesses, large and small, are required by the U.S. tax code to pay payroll taxes. The IRS considers payroll taxes to be their money before it ever leaves your hands, so failure to pay your company's payroll taxes on time amounts to stealing from the federal government in their eyes. The results are large tax penalties and aggressive collection efforts from the IRS.

+Stop a Wage Garnishment

When the IRS enacts a wage garnishment, they plan to continually collect a portion of your paycheck each week until the debt is paid off, with no regard to how this loss will impact you financially. Resolving a serious tax problem like wage garnishment on your own is not only difficult, but its likely to take much longer than it would for an experienced tax professional.

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If you owe the IRS, you are vulnerable to aggressive collection tactics, including liens, levies, and wage garnishment. Contact Anthony Sykes and Co. Accounting for advice you can trust. We're a local Los Angeles, CA tax resolution firm with a reputation for integrity. Read More

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